Who We Are

Established in 1923, the Chesapeake Region Safety Council (CRSC) is a private, non-profit, non-governmental public service organization whose mission is to provide the safety training and education that will reduce disabling injuries and save lives.

We serve businesses and citizens throughout the Mid Atlantic Region, serving as a chapter of the National Safety Council, the premier safety organization in the United States. The CRSC is also the lead organization in the Mid Atlantic OSHA Training Institute Education Center.

Every year, we train more than 15,000 people in safety practices proven to protect life and promote health, and provide ONSITE consulting services to companies and organizations throughout the Mid Atlantic region.


Our Mission

To Educate & Influence People to Prevent Accidental Injury & Death.


Our Uniques

  • A top performing independent chapter of the National Safety Council.
  • Over 100 years’ experience; saving lives & preventing injuries since 1923.
  • A top performing OSHA Education Center and built the OSHA Card Portal.
Chesapeake Region Safety Council Conference & Expo 2022 staff
Chesapeake Region Safety Council Conference & Expo 2023 staff


Over 1,000 companies find that membership in the Council is a solid investment that reduces lost time and property damage, increases productivity and – of greatest importance – protects employees and their families from the devastating consequences of accidental injury and death.

Members of the Chesapeake Region Safety Council automatically become members of the National Safety Council, with access to its greater resources and receive substantial discounts on National Safety Council products and programs, as well as OSHA materials.

Members also receive another benefit – the peace of mind that comes from creating a safer, healthier environment for employees and customers.


We look forward to welcoming you to our facility located approximately 1.5 miles from the 695 Baltimore Beltway 695 Exit 17 for Security Boulevard.


Making sure workers are safe on and off the job means creating a workplace culture where safety is a core value and a shared responsibility between all.


Our education services ranked in the top 10 over the entire country by most recognized organizations.


Chesapeake Region Safety Council hosts and participates in many events throughout the year. To see our upcoming events, click below.