Pledge to Slow Down, Move Over, & Pay Attention

Together, we can ensure the protection of our work zone workers and raise awareness about the potentially deadly consequences of neglecting their safety.
Take the Work Zone Safety Pledge.

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Each year the state of Maryland experiences an average of 1,500 work zone crashes leading to thousands of injuries and multiple fatalities. This number is a small portion of more than 100,000 crashes and 888 fatalities occurring in U.S. work zones on an annual basis*. Drivers and passengers are all impacted by these crashes. The sheer volume of traffic in our nation’s densely populated area results in constant maintenance and improvements to our roadways. It seems the road to success is always under construction. Traffic volume and congestion require drivers to focus and be patient, especially when driving through work zones. We are asking you as a member of our driving public to take the “Work Zone Safety Pledge.”

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The pledge is three simple driver actions that will save lives and keep traffic moving safely through our work zones.




Observe and recognize the reduced speeds posted in work zones.



When it is safe, move out of the lane directly adjacent to the work zone leaving a buffer lane between me and the work zone.



Normal traffic patterns frequently change in work zones as well as the addition of work vehicles and equipment. I will avoid distractions and I will give my full attention to vehicle operation when traveling in a work zone.

I can make a difference in avoiding work zone crashes that lead to unnecessary injury and death.  I pledge to this life saving action; I will take the pledge!

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