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National Safety Council’s Emergency Preparedness Train the Trainer

Gain the knowledge and confidence to protect your employees and business in today's uncertain world.

 The purpose of this training program is to train supervisors  to identity organizational roles in emergencies and prepare for and respond to emergencies. From weather-related issues to active shooters in the workplace and more, it’s critical for employees to know the correct action to take before, during and after an emergency. Click here for more information.

OSHA 3085 Principles of Scaffolding and Scaffold Train the Trainer

This course covers the requirements for safe construction and use of scaffolding using OSHA’s construction scaffold standards as a guide. Course topics include hazards associated with scaffold design, assembly, disassembly and use, types of scaffolds, determining scaffold capacity, employee qualifications and training and maintenance, repair and inspection requirements. Students will participate in workshops to reinforce concepts of safe scaffolding. Upon course completion students will have the ability to identify the types of scaffolds and their components, determine safe assembly, use, and disassembly and recognize common violations of OSHA standards. Minimum student contact hours: 22 Cick here for course application and download

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Opportunity IS Knocking

A recent article in Engineering News Record (ENR) by Bruce Buckley titled, “Field Staffers Earn Top Dollar,” cited data from a construction management salary survey conducted by PAS. Inc. Positions from Superintendents, field engineers, estimators, contract administrators, quality control, business development and safety directors were shown and discussed. Safety directors showed the biggest increase of nearly 8% in this year’s survey. The article link is: http://www.enr.com/ext/resources/Issues/National_Issues/2017/07-July/10-Jul/0710_2Q_CostReport.pdf (page down to the section on compensation)
Whether you are an experienced safety professional, just getting started, looking to redirect you career or a multidisciplinary individual the Chesapeake Region Safety Council is loaded with educational programs to help you grow.  The strength of the construction market is growing and competent, quality professionals are in demand.

There is no better time than now to improve your professional value. The Chesapeake Region Safety Council can help. We offer top quality training programs as well as prep courses for professional certifications. A chance to be a difference maker and get paid well while you do it is out there. Check out our website www.chesapeakesc.org or give us a call 410-298-4770 and start making things happen.

If you have back pain, you are not alone. 80% of Americans have it and 31 million will experience low-back pain at any given time. Prevent strains, dislocations and muscle tears by lifting properly. www.nsc.org/nsm 

Active shooter situations are unpredictable and unfold quickly. Always be aware of your environment and locate the nearest two exits in any place you visit. www.nsc.org/nsm

Sleep deprivation can be linked to depression, obesity and heart disease.  Get your zzzz’s with helpful tips: don’t check your phone before bed, avoid eating right before bed, keep a consistent sleep schedule. More tips can be found at:  www.nsc.org/nsm

NSC Online Workplace Training