Whether it’s new products and features or courses that teach you to use Zoom better, we are constantly evolving to improve your experience. To help keep you up to date, we have summarized some key new things you should know below. Download the latest version of the Zoom desktop client to access all these features and more. 

Zoom Learning Center Updates

  • Meeting & Webinars Admins, Learn the Basics in under 10 min! – The Zoom Learning Center has support just for dedicated Zoom administrators like you! Whether you administer Zoom Meetings or Zoom Webinars, you can learn the basics in 10 minutes or less. Or, enroll for free in any of the helpful courses in our Getting Started with Zoom Administration learning plan.

Key Highlights from Zoom Releases 

Updates to Zoom Web Portal

Administrator features 

  • Zoom Mail and Calendar Clients (Beta) – Owners and admins of accounts with more than one user can allow users to integrate their Zoom Mail Service, Google, or Office 365 account with the Zoom desktop client to manage their email and calendar events in a centralized location. For Pro accounts, this feature is enabled by default. This feature requires client version 5.12.8 or higher and is also available in the Zoom desktop client. We announced the beta launch of Zoom Mail and Calendar products at Zoomtopia; read more about these new products on our blog.
  • Zoom Mail Service (Beta) – Owners and admins of Zoom One Pro or Standard Pro accounts in the US or Canada can allow their users to set up the Zoom Mail Service on the desktop client Zoom Mail Service offers end-to-end encryption for emails sent directly between Zoom Mail Service users as long as all users have at least one device associated with their email address. This feature requires client version 5.12.8 or higher and is also available in the Zoom desktop client. 
  • Exception to network bandwidth limits – Account owners and admins using the Limit Network bandwidth feature can create exceptions to an existing network bandwidth limit IP range. A new limit can only be added as an exception if an existing rule can be segmented into multiple rules to add the exception.
  • Bulk upload authentication exceptions– When scheduling a meeting with authentication required, hosts can import a CSV file to bulk upload authentication exceptions using the participants’ names and email addresses. Previously, the meeting host could only add one authentication exception at a time.
  • Creation of breakout rooms based on poll results – If enabled by an admin, meeting hosts can select Create Breakout Rooms while setting up polls. If this option is selected, the host can split participants into smaller rooms based on participants’ answers. Hosts can limit the number of participants in each breakout room and move or exchange participants after launching the breakout rooms.

Updates to the Zoom Client

Meeting features

  • Support for up to 1,000 in E2EE meetings for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS – End-to-end encrypted meetings can support up to 1,000 participants. Previously, the maximum was 200 participants. Large Meeting add-on requirements still apply.
  • Pair with Zoom Rooms and transfer a live meeting for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS – Pairing with a Zoom Room can be initiated within the Zoom meeting window, facilitating easier transferring of that meeting to the local Zoom Room. Previously, you had to pair with a Zoom Room outside of an active meeting before being able to transfer. This feature requires Zoom Room version 5.12.6 or higher.

Whiteboard features

  • Enhanced Whiteboard menu for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS – The in-meeting menus have been updated, to more closely match the menus in the out-of-meeting whiteboard experience. This includes an improved right-click menu, additional editing options for shapes, and a pinch-to-zoom ability or zoom-in/zoom-out buttons on mobile.

Team Chat features

  • Scheduling a meeting through Team Chat for Windows and macOS – Zoom Team Chat users can schedule meetings directly within a chat channel, which will automatically invite all members of that chat channel to the resulting calendar event. This feature currently only supports the Contacts and Calendar integration with Google and requires version 5.11.3 or higher. It is also available as a setting in the web portal. 

Contact Center features

  • Enhancement to voice call transferring for Windows and macOS – When supervisors or agents transfer a voice call to another contact center user, they will receive a notification if the user is available. If the user isn’t available, they can transfer to a voicemail inbox accessible by the user (if applicable).
  • SMS from voice engagements for Windows and macOS – Agents or supervisors can click SMS in the Profile tab to easily start a new SMS engagement while in an active voice engagement.

Administrator features

User features

Updates to Whiteboard

User features

  • Ability to upload PDF files to Whiteboard– Users can upload PDF files from their local machine to the Whiteboard. They can move the file around, resize it, connect it to other shapes, and add comments on or around it. Additionally, users can extract individual pages to annotate on it and download the files from the Whiteboard. This feature is enabled by default, but admins can disable the setting for individual users and groups.

Business Updates

  • Switch to the new Zoom Phone Common Area management experience  –  Earlier this year, the option to permanently switch to the new Zoom Phone Common Area management experience became available in your Zoom Phone web portal. Account owners can switch to the new experience by logging into the Zoom Phone web portal and clicking: Systems Management > Users and Rooms > Common Area Phones and selecting the “Update Available” message on the right-hand side. Any accounts created after May 22, 2022, are already using the new Zoom Phone Common Area management experience and no further action is required. All accounts that are still on the existing experience will be automatically migrated on January 1, 2023.
  • Chrome OS App Retirement -– To prepare for the end of support for all Chrome OS apps, Zoom is phasing out our Chrome OS App and replacing it with the Progressive Web App (PWA). As part of this process, PWA auto-launch will be automatically enabled for Chrome OS users on Jan. 15, 2023. The Chrome OS App will continue to function, but when users click on a Zoom link, PWA will automatically launch if it is installed on the device. On Feb. 1, 2023, the Chrome OS App will be removed from the Chrome Web Store. Visit our support pages for more information about Chrome OS App retirement and installing the PWA or using the Zoom PWA for Chrome OS.
  • New flow when joining meetings — In the coming months, we will release an update to streamline the user experience of joining a meeting. Currently, users see up to three separate dialogue windows during the flow. Among other improvements, the update will combine the functionality of the first window, which currently says “Waiting for the host to start this meeting,” with the third Waiting Room window. Waiting Room customization remains available through the Settings page in the web portal. Users must be on client version 5.12.0 or higher to experience the new join flow.