For over 100 years, Chesapeake Region Safety Council has served our community by educating and influencing people to prevent accidental injury and death. This year we are adding a new award to our Annual Awards Ceremony, the “Saving a Life Award”. This award was created as a thank you to an individual who has applied their safety and health training in a life threating emergency to save a life.

This award is designed to recognize an individual who has demonstrated exceptional heroism, skill, or bravery to save a life. This person has gone above and beyond what is expected of them in their position, particularly in a situation where a human life was at stake. Such actions would be considered outstanding and/or rare, and would likely have a significant impact on the people or community they serve. The nomination application will need to include a summary description of the event and the action of the nominee. Any supportive documents, including witness statements, would be beneficial.

• Must be submitted by a Chesapeake Region Safety Council Member by May 20th for the current year awards.
Complete the attached nomination application form.
• Applications should include a summary description of event and action taken, including as much information as necessary and/or any supportive paperwork.
• Email the completed nomination form and supportive documentation to

Download Application  

Over 100 years of saving lives and preventing injuries