The Chesapeake Region Safety Council “Safety Professional of the Year” award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of a safety professional who goes above and beyond to ensure the well-being of their colleagues and peers. This award recognizes not only an individual’s achievements in maintaining a strong safety record, but also their ability to implement effective safety procedures and cultivate a culture of safety within their organization and community.

Nomination applications should spotlight the four focal points below:

  1. Demonstrated Knowledge and Expertise

Highlighting their knowledge and expertise in the Safety and Health field. This could involve showcasing their accomplishments, such as certifications or awards they have received, or highlighting their involvement in research or other projects related to safety and health.

  1. Operational Role

Acknowledge their role in operating a safety department. This could involve recognizing their management and guidance in developing and implementing safety policies and procedures, as well as their efforts to train and educate employees on best practices for maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.

  1. Public/Community Services

Contributions to safety and health through their public and community service and/or has made significant contributions to safety and health by helping to shape policies and regulations that promote safety and health in a variety of contexts. This could involve highlighting their involvement in community outreach programs, volunteering with local safety organizations, or advocating for safety and health initiatives at the local, state, or national level.

  1. Leadership/Motivation

How their leadership and motivation towards safety and health has encouraged others to follow suit, and in what way this induvial inspires others to prioritize safety and health in their own work and communities.


Completion of the attached nomination form.

Supportive paperwork demonstrating all four highlighted areas must accompany applications.

Must be submitted by a Chesapeake Region Safety Council Member.

Must be submitted by May 20th for the current year awards.

Email the completed nomination form and supportive documentation to


Awards will be presented at the Chesapeake Region Safety Council Annual Meeting & Award Ceremony, June 16, 2023. Honorees are expected to be present to receive the award.

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