OSHA 10-hour & 30-hour Programs

OSHA Top 10 Cited Standards

The Chesapeake Region Safety Council has joined forces with UL Solutions to deliver comprehensive robust online training. These programs feature courses meticulously crafted by a team of subject matter experts, certified safety professionals, and experienced adult learning specialists.  To ensure utmost relevance, the courses are regularly revised to align with the latest expectations and requirements set by regulators and industry groups to meet industry needs.  Our e-learning philosophy is rooted in Mastery Learning, a proven method that enhances retention and drives behavioral changes in adult learners. This approach incorporates interactive elements, dynamic content, and built-in assessments.

One of the advantages of online training is its flexibility, enabling you to pursue your courses conveniently from anywhere – be it your workplace, home, or even while you’re traveling.  It’s readily accessible at your fingertips, offering you the opportunity to engage with the content at any time that suits you.  Furthermore, our courses are designed to be accessible on tablets and various mobile devices, facilitating learning on the go.

Comprehensive library of online safety training courses written by experts

  • Content is constantly monitored by certified EHS advisors and industry experts to ensure compliance with regulatory changes and adherence to best practices.
  • EHS content is offered in major global languages to provide consistent safety messages across all employees.
  • Our globally focused courses cover essential safety topics, keeping employees well-informed.
  • Courses are designed with engaging content and activities that resonate with employees’ real-life experiences, reinforcing best safety practices and facilitating their transfer to the workplace.
  • Personalization options are available, allowing you to tailor the EHS content to suit your employees, products, and company.
  • The training is optimized for both computers and tablets, and with an average duration of 20 minutes or less, employees can learn anytime and anywhere, according to their convenience.

There are two types of accounts that can be created to access & manage your online training courses:

  1. Single User Accounts:

Self-Purchasers: These are individuals who wish to purchase courses for their personal use. You can explore our course offerings and make a direct purchase to gain access to the training content.

Company-Employed Individuals: If you are an employee of a company that has procured a bulk quantity of courses, your employer will provide you with a Registration Code. When creating your student account, you will be required to enter this code to gain access to the assigned courses.

  • Administrator Accounts:

We offer a special designation for individuals who have been authorized by their company to purchase multiple courses for multiple users within the organization. These individuals are granted Administrator Accounts, which allow them to oversee and manage the training activities of others. If you have been assigned this responsibility, you can utilize the Administrator Account to facilitate the training needs of your company’s employees efficiently.

Please select the appropriate category based on your situation to proceed with accessing our courses.

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All the online training courses offered by Chesapeake Region Safety Council and Mid Atlantic OTI Education Center through UL Solutions offer IACET CEUs that comply with the ANSI/IACET Continuing Education and Training Standard.