Date(s) - 11/09/2020 - 11/10/2020
08:00 am - 04:00 pm

Virtual Instructor Led Training

A key question asked of many safety and health professionals by business and finance executives is: Do safety and health management programs improve a company’s bottom line? The answer is indisputable – “YES”. In addition to direct savings on worker’s compensation benefit claims, liability damages and litigation expenses, having an active risk management program with senior management commitment will not only improve productivity and efficiency, but may also make the difference between not only winning and losing bids and government contracts, but continuing in operation following a major disruptive event.

This Program you will explore the following topics:

  • Define Risk Management
  • How You Fit in and Where You Can Add Value
  • Demonstrate How It Benefits You and Your Company
  • Outline the Risk Management Process
  • Explore What Risks Your Company Has Exposure to
  • Prioritize Your Efforts
  • Start the Process of Developing a Comprehensive Risk Management Program

When your risk-management program identifies, prioritizes and addresses key risk exposures, you improve your company’s chances of an organized response to adverse events. When you anticipate and address risk, you position your company for success. Effective risk management programs say something about your company’s brand. Workers understand the expectations of leadership from the start. Your business develops a reputation as thorough and professional. You build and support strategic planning through development of your program, and you establish a standard to which you can evaluate performance and adapt to changing needs.  You prepare your company to successfully address issues that others cannot.

A company’s ability to weather storms depends on how seriously executives take risk management when the sun is shining and no clouds are on the horizon.

Course Includes: Student binder, USB with resource information, lunch and refreshments

Course Time: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Member Price: $295.00

VILT course must be paid in advance with Credit card.


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