Impairment Education and Cannabis Use Workshop

Impairment Education and Cannabis Use Workshop

Date(s) - 05/20/2024
11:30 am - 06:00 pm

Baltimore, MD - Chesapeake Region Safety Council

Come and join us for lunch and networking at 11:30am

Alcohol and other substances (such as cannabis, prescription or illegal drugs), and even fatigue and distractions can each differently affect a person’s ability to perform.  Left unaddressed, impairment can significantly affect workplace safety, employee morale, and a company’s financial well-being. Organizations need to have trained personnel with the ability to recognize signs of drug or alcohol use, to understand how fatigue, emotions, and distractions can factor in on an employee’s ability to perform tasks successfully and have resources and policies in place should impairment appear to be an issue at their worksite or by an employee on the job.

The Chesapeake Region Safety Council has developed a one-day, in-person course, the Impairment Education Course and Cannabis Use Workshop. This is a free, two-part program. The focus will be on impairment, which can occur for many reasons.  A certificate of completion will be issued to attendees that participate in both sessions.

Session One: Impairment Education is a three-hour, in-person classroom opportunity directed to those that supervise employees or have responsibilities regarding workplace and/or highway safety. Alcohol, Drugs, Methods of Use, and Indications of Impairment are discussed.

Session Two: Cannabis Use Lab & Assessments, is a three-hour program and occurs immediately after the Impairment Education course on the same day. Medical marijuana cardholders will demonstrate the use of cannabis and their perspective on how it is a positive resource in providing relief for various illnesses and injuries. Some patients will be requested to use their cannabis to the point that signs of impairment can be seen.  Registered students will work in small groups with Law Enforcement Officers that are conducting Standardized Field Sobriety Testing to determine impairment of all cannabis users. A review and discussion between cannabis users, registered students and law enforcement on whether impairment was determined occurs at the end of the day before cannabis users are transported home.

Location:  Chesapeake Region Safety Council.

We kindly request that registrants take note of the event’s end time of 6PM. Given the limited seating capacity, we appreciate your consideration when registering and ask that you schedule your day to attend the full duration of the event. Thank you



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