Safety Award of Excellence

The Chesapeake Region Safety Council’s Safety Award of Excellence recognizes companies that have demonstrated the highest level of safety performance within their organization through their safety activities, which aim to prevent accidental injury or death. Achieving excellent safety performance requires continuous focus, commitment, and perseverance from both management and employees, who must take purposeful actions to implement, improve, and sustain effective safety practices.

Award Categories for Nominations:

Companies that have demonstrated the highest level of safety performance are awarded by industry categories, such as Construction, Industrial, Healthcare, Transportation and Governmental. The best performer in each group will be awarded. Honorees are eligible to receive the award once every two years.


  • Nomination application must be submitted by a Chesapeake Region Safety Council member no later than May 3rd for the current year awards.
  • Complete the Nomination Application.
  • Provide the supportive paperwork demonstrating all four highlighted areas with the nomination application.
  • Email the completed nomination application and supportive documentation to


Awards will be presented at the Chesapeake Region Safety Council Annual Meeting & Award Ceremony on June 14, 2024.
Honorees are expected to be present to receive the award.

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