The Chesapeake Region Safety Council Annual Meeting & Safety Awards Ceremony recognizes companies and individuals who have demonstrated excellence in safety performance and practices. The event includes several awards categories, including the Most Improved award, the Award of Excellence, the John Lanigan Safety Professional of the Year award, and the Saving a Life award.

Date & Time

June 14, 2024
11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

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Chesapeake Region Safety Council

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Guest Speaker

11:00 AM

Guest Speaker

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1:00 PM

Business Meeting & Annual Report


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Award Presentations

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Guest Speaker

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Arthur Lih is the Founder, Inventor and CEO of LifeVac. Mr. Lih has consistently used his creativity and business skills to build his future.  While at Stony Brook University, NY he worked part-time as a truck driver and operations manager in the Air Transportation industry.   He worked hard and received his Bachelor of Arts degree from SUNY Stony Brook.  Upon graduating he obtained a full-time job in the industry, working basically all aspects of the trucking & air freight business.  Lih and a partner went on to form their own logistics company, ALBS Logistics.   They built the company from the ground up achieving revenue over 20 million dollars annually.  In 2012 they were acquired by Radiant Global Logistics. Lih planned to retire after the acquisition to pursue his woodworking/building skills and expand his creation of boats and tree houses.However, several years ago after he was visiting with a friend at the hospital, he was told the story of a 7-year-old child who lost his life after choking on a grape.  Arthur used his inquisitive mind, business and building skills to find a solution and persevere to end choking tragedies. His decision to help his family and others is how LifeVac was born. His experience building that company was crucial and contributed to the success when he started this company. His previous career in shipping helped with the logistics so they can ship products around the world.  He built LifeVac into an International Medical device company, that is dedicated to saving lives around the world. A small group of determined people can change the world. Our LifeVac staff wants to stop senseless choking deaths.LifeVac has received widespread media attention and has saved lives all over the world ranging in age from 3 to 97. Arthur received a patent for the LifeVac device, a portable non-invasive airway clearance device used to rescue a choking . Mr. Lih will be inducted into the Massapequa Hall of fame this summer for his extraordinary achievement in entrepreneurship. He is a member of the Massapequa Elks Club and Long Island Speakers Bureau, has been a guest speaker for the Massapequa/Farmingdale Men’s Club, Copiague Chamber of Commerce, Nassau County Inventors and Entrepreneurs Club, and supports numerous charity foundations. He continues advocacy for the prevention of choking tragedies by educating the community at workshop and frequently conducting radio and television interviews.Arthur Lih can be contacted at: alih@lifevac.net

Annual Awards
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Over 100 years of saving lives and preventing injuries