National Safety Councils DDC4 (Classroom) Instructor Development Course

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This is National Safety Councils DDC 4, Instructor Development Course, held in a classroom. It is used to certify those persons interested in teaching DDC4 for their employer or organization. During this two-day instructor development course, youll gain the confidence to be an effective trainer and receive the resources needed.  This instructor course features updated curriculum and facilitation methods and allows the instructor candidate to confidently adapt his or her teaching style to meet the unique needs and characteristics of the audience. Candidate instructors will deliver a practice presentation on the last day of the course.


Please note that Instructors must remain actively certified to teach National Safety Council Courses.  The employer or organization maintains responsibility for renewing the teaching materials and instructor certifications.  The Instructor Course cost includes instructor development training and necessary teaching materials including multimedia discs. Future costs include Instructor Recertification and Leased Materials that are renewed on an annual basis and student course guides with completion certificates that are purchased for students in classes.  Please contact our Traffic Services Coordinator at 1.800.875.4770 with any questions.


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