OSHA 7410 Managing Excavation Hazards

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The performance of trenching and excavation work has long been recognized as inherently dangerous. OSHA requires a competent person to make daily inspections of an excavation and adjacent areas for evidence of hazards and take prompt correct action to eliminate them or safe guard employees. Far too often the case is that employers simply are not aware of this requirement. Nor are contractors aware of the knowledge and skills that are required of a competent person. This one day training course on the importance of and the requirements surrounding excavation competent persons will help employers maintain a work site that is free from recognized hazards.

Topics Include:

• understanding and application of definitions related to OSHA’s excavation standard
• excavation hazards and control measures
• soil analysis techniques
• protection system requirements
• emergency response

At the conclusion of this course students will be able to:

· Identify OSHA’s Excavation Standard and be able to apply terms defined by Subpart P.
· List duties of competent persons as defined by OSHA.
· List the specific excavation requirements.
· Identify hazards associated with excavation work and be able to select measures to eliminate or control those hazards.
· Be able to perform the various field tests of soil, including the pocket penetrometer, thumb penetration and other methods.
· Describe sloping and shoring requirements and be able to select the proper slope or shoring system based on soil analysis.
· Describe the limitations, proper installation and other requirements relating to protective systems, including trench shields.
· Explain the limitations and proper responses to excavation emergencies




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Refreshments, lunch and student workbook