Attitudinal Dynamics Of Driving (6 Hours)


CRSC , Defensive Driving

National Safety Council’s Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving is recommended most often for drivers with multiple traffic violations and those with poor driving behaviors who need a catalyst for positive change. This 6 hour, highly interactive instructor-led classroom course engages students in relearning road rules along with exercises designed to help them understand the connection between choices and consequences and helps them develop a plan to change their driving choices and behaviors. Learners are actively involved in evaluating their driving habits and making decisions and choices about their driving behaviors. Drivers develop personal action plans for practicing good driving behavior.  This class can also be taught in 8 hours, upon request for your organization or to meet State insurance and DMV requirements.

Course Includes: Student Workbook

Dates and Locations Coming Soon.  Contact our office to bring this class to your organization.

This course is currently closed. For additional options, please contact us at 800-875-4770.