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Confined Space Trainer

This Trainer Course in Permit-Required Confined Spaces is recommended for inspectors, auditors, safety and health professionals and those personnel responsible for writing, auditing, or training employees with an active role in permit space entry. This course was developed and designed to educate participants to train about all aspects of 29 CFR 1910.146. Prerequisite: In order to attend this course you must […]

OSHA 511 – Occupational Safety And Health Standards For General Industry

This course covers OSHA Standards, policies, and procedures in general industry.  Topics include scope and application of the OSHA General Industry Standards, general industry principles and special emphasis on those areas in general industry which are most hazardous.  Upon course completion students will have the ability to define general industry terms found in the OSHA […]

OSHA 30 Hour For Construction Industry – Spanish

Facilitators identify safety and health principles that help you meet OSHA requirements. Special emphasis is placed on areas in construction that most commonly result in worker injury or property damage. You are also briefed on basic instructional approaches, improving compliance communication, and training at the work site. Topics Include but not limited to: Introduction to […]

OSHA 7000 – OSHA Training Guidelines For Safe Patient Handling

This course covers OSHA ergonomic guidelines for safe patient handling and methods to protect workers in all health care settings.  Using OSHA’s Ergonomics Guidelines for Nursing Homes as a basis for any healthcare facility, this course focuses on analyzing and identifying ergonomic hazards and practical solutions to address these issues.  Course topics include developing an ergonomic work […]

Impairment Education and Cannabis Workshop

Supervisor / Highway Safety Safety Professional Training   Instructor will educate on drug and alcohol impairment. Attendees in the Cannabis Lab & Assessments session must attend this class. Cannabis Lab & Assessments. Medical marijuana card holders will participate in a cannabis lab, sharing different ways to use cannabis, interacting with attendees and participating in law […]

ATSSA Flagger

  ATSSA Flagger courses offered: ATSSA National Course ATSSA National Course (Spanish) ATSSA State-Specific Course (CA, MA, MD, NC, or UT) ATSSA Maryland State-Specific Course All persons performing flagging along Maryland roadways are required to have passed the Maryland approved flagger course. The American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) Training Course is the only approved […]

Reasonable Suspicion For Supervisors Trainer Course

This course is designed to help you meet the DOT training requirements for supervisors of covered safety-sensitive employees as described in 49 CFR Part 40. Introduction: Purpose and Scope Other Resources Reasonable Suspicion Employer’s Responsibilities (40.11-40.27) Alcohol Suspicion Drug Suspicion Signs and Symptoms Education and Training: Signs & Symptoms of Alcohol & Controlled Substances Use […]

OSHA 10 Hour For Construction Industry

Learn to identify safety and health principles that help you meet OSHA requirements. Special emphasis is placed on areas in construction that most commonly result in worker injury or property damage. Students are also are also briefed on basic instructional approaches, improving compliance communication, and training at the work site. Topics include but not limited […]

OSHA 2264 – Permit-Required Confined Space Entry

This course covers the safety and health hazards associated with permit-required confined space entry.  Course topics include recognition of confined space hazards, identification of permit and non-permit required confined spaces, use of instrumentation to evaluate atmospheric hazards, ventilation techniques, development and implementation of a confined space program, proper signage, and training requirements.  This course features […]

OSHA 3085 Principles Of Scaffolding

This course covers the requirements for safe construction and use of scaffolding using OSHA’s construction scaffold standards as a guide. Course topics include hazards associated with scaffold design, assembly, disassembly and use, types of scaffolds, determining scaffold capacity, employee qualifications and training and maintenance, repair and inspection requirements. Students will participate in workshops to reinforce […]

Incident Investigation – National Safety Council

Training goal – To focus on techniques for gathering complete, accurate and objective accident data used to arrive at true root causes and determine corrective action. To further examine and analyze data as a means of preventing injuries, property damage and financial losses. What you will learn: Employ effective investigation and interview techniques Analyze accidents […]

Safety Management Techniques – National Safety Council

Safety Management Techniques (SMT) is designed to assist safety and health professionals who are responsible for managing employees and/or projects in safety and health efforts. SMT is part of the curriculum toward achieving the Advanced Safety Certificate. Attend this course if you are coordinating, supervising, or managing safety and health efforts at your facility/company. Designed […]

Safety Training Methods – National Safety Council

Safety Training Methods focuses on the knowledge and skills required to assess your training needs, as well as plan, organize, create, and deliver performance-based safety and health training programs. While emphasis is on developing and delivering instructor-lead/classroom training, you’ll become acquainted with other instructional methods and media used to effectively train employees on safety and […]

OSHA 503 – Update For General Industry Outreach Trainers

This course is designed for Outreach Training Program trainers who have completed course #501 Trainer Course in Occupational Safety and Health Standards for General Industry and who are authorized trainers in the OSHA Outreach Training Program.  The course provides an update on OSHA General Industry Standards, policies, and regulations.  Upon course completion students will have the ability […]

Electrical Safety Trainer

Electricity has long been recognized as a serious workplace hazard. OSHA’s electrical standards are designed to protect employees exposed to dangers such as electric shock, electrocution, fires, and explosions. Participants will gain the knowledge and skills to prepare and deliver training that explain hazards and acceptable corrective measures for Electrical Safety. This Trainer Course is […]

OSHA 7105 – Introduction To Evacuation And Emergency Planning

This course covers OSHA requirements for emergency action and fire protection plans. Course topics include purpose and requirements of emergency action and fire prevention plans, elements of emergency evacuation plans, and features of design and maintenance of emergency exit routes. Students will participate in workshops pertaining to the development of emergency action plans.  Upon course […]

Bloodborne & Airborne Pathogens

OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogens Standard (29 CFR 1910.1030), requires employers to safeguard employees who face potential occupational exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials (OPIM). If there is any chance you might encounter blood or other potentially infectious materials (OPIM), you face significant health risks. Bloodborne and airborne pathogens commonly found in the U.S. include […]

OSHA 7510 – Introduction To OSHA For Small Business

This course covers an introduction to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the OSH Act for owners and managers of small businesses.  Course topics include an introduction to OSHA, OSHA Standards, the inspection process, implementing a safety and health program, worker training requirements and assistance available to small businesses.  Upon course completion students […]

Certificate in Fundamentals of Risk Management

Closing the gap between safety and long-term profits. Risk Management – Part I – How It Can Work for You The initial coursework  in this series addresses the basics and fundamentals of risk management. It defines the process and helps you identify, not only your business risks, but your assets exposed to loss. After prioritizing […]

First Aid, CPR and AED Instructor Training

National Safety Council’s First Aid Institute is an internationally recognized authority on first aid procedures and CPR & AED Instruction. Both programs are recognized by Federal OSHA and Maryland Occupational Safety & Health (MOSH). CPR programs comply with the latest guidelines as outlined by the American Heart Association. This includes the Instructor Manuals, Instructor Portal, […]

OSHA 2055 – Cranes In Construction

This course covers the best practices in crane and derrick operation using the OSHA Cranes and Derricks in Construction Rule as a guide. This new course will comprehensively address key hazards related to cranes and derricks on construction worksites, including the four main causes of worker death and injury: electrocution, crushed by parts of the […]

Bloodborne & Airborne Pathogens Trainer

​Is Your Organization in Compliance with the OSHA Standard? Employees, business owners and anyone who has a reasonably anticipated occupational exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials in the course of their work is covered under the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard 29CFR 1910.1030. This NSC instructor-led classroom course helps reduce these risks by focusing on how […]

Alive At 25 Defensive Driving

Alive at 25 is a highly interactive, law-enforcement instructed defensive driving course developed by the National Safety Council.  The curriculum is 4-hours long and directed to refreshing defensive driving skills and addressing decision-making behind the wheel.  The course is to be taken only by those that are under age 25. This class is used in […]

Defensive Driving Course (4 Hours)

The National Safety Council’s (NSC) Defensive Driving Course is recognized for its leading edge curriculum, defensive driving strategies, hazard recognition exercises and learner retention strategies. The NSC-Certified instructor uses new videos and the most relevant content to address today’s workforce driving challenges, behaviors, incident rates, road conditions, traffic laws and more. A certificate is issued […]

Annual Meeting and Safety Awards Ceremony

Check back for information on our 100th Year Anniversary meeting in 2023.   2022 Annual Meeting and Safety Awards Ceremony Guest Speaker: MISSION GO Unmanned Systems: Presenting on and demoing drones, Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS), and how they can be used for Public Safety Lunch by Mission BBQ Business Meeting Award Presentations  

Accident Prevention Plan For USACE Contracts – Writing A Successful APP

Do you know what the requirements are to submit an Accident Prevention Plan to USACE? In this course you will learn how to prepare a site-specific APP – a detailed plan that addresses the management processes that will be used to prevent hazards from being present in all phases of the contract. As outlined in […]

OSHA 2255 – Principles Of Ergonomics

This course covers the use of ergonomic principles to recognize, evaluate, and control workplace conditions that cause or contribute to musculoskeletal and nerve disorders. Course topics include work physiology, anthropometry, musculoskeletal disorders, use of video display terminals, and risk factors such as vibration, temperature, material handling, repetition, and lifting and transfers in health care. Course […]

OSHA 6005 – Collateral Duty For Other Federal Agencies

This course covers the OSH Act, Executive Order 12196, and the OSHA General Industry Standards.  This course is intended for federal agency collateral duty safety and health personnel. With use of the OSHA General Industry Standards, special emphasis is placed on areas in general industry which are most hazardous.  Upon course completion students will have […]

OSHA 7115 – Lockout/Tagout

This course covers the role and responsibility of the employer to develop and implement an energy control program, or lock-out/tag-out (LOTO) for the protection of workers while performing servicing and maintenance activities on machinery and equipment.  Course topics include types of hazardous energy, detecting hazardous conditions, implementing control measures as they relate to the control […]

OSHA 7205 – Health Hazard Awareness

This course covers common health hazards that are encountered in the workplace.  These health hazards include exposure to chemicals, asbestos, silica and lead. Course topics include identification and evaluation of health hazards and their sources of exposure, health hazard information, and engineering and work practice controls.  Students participate in workshops on evaluation and abatement of […]